• King’s Food Bank News Round-Up

    by  • June 26, 2014 • Food Bank News

    Our coffee morning, sponsored by Morrisons raised £144.89! Thank you so much to all who baked cakes, donated raffle prizes and served coffee on the morning.

    Our Fundraising Dinner at the Castle Green Hotel, raised just over £1,500. Thank you to those who supported our event

    It’s so important to ensure the sustainability of the Food Bank through such fundraising events because sadly, food poverty continues to be a reality in Kendal for so many families. We are continuing to see a rise in the number of people being referred to the Food Bank, particularly families with children. On average we are providing 1,500 meals each month compared to last year when it was 1,000 meals per month; 50% of the meals that we are providing are for children. Since the Food Bank started in February 2012 we have provided just over 26,219 meals to men, women and children in Kendal.

    Our emergency intervention support through the delivery of food has become a vital community resource for many professional agencies and their clients. We work directly with the community supporting people who find themselves in crisis situations. Children’s Services is one of our major referring agencies who recently emailed to acknowledge how much they appreciate the Food Bank in Kendal; they said that the level of provision and mindfulness that we provide to their most vulnerable service users is so appreciated. The Food Bank is making a real difference in our town; we are bringing a real hope and value to the people who find themselves in a crisis situation. The simple, practical gift of food and support at the point of crisis changes lives.

    The Food Bank is extending our current practical help and support for those who are in financial crisis by providing small kitchen equipment; this may include a microwave, a pan or kettle, crockery or cutlery. We have been successful with a grant application from Cumbria County Council and have been awarded just under £7,000 in order to do this. We’ve consulted with Adult Social Care and Children’s Services, both of whom support our new project and consider it to be a vital and viable initiative for Kendal particularly for families facing severe hardship. This new extension to the Food Bank will complement and run alongside our current community resource; we will continue to work in partnership with these agencies and continue to rely on their professional judgement to identify families in real need for this equipment.

    We may be sorry that there is a need for the Food Bank in Kendal but we are so glad that we are here and are able to help those who need us. Thank you to all who make regular food and money donations to the Food Bank and to those who give their time and volunteer on the team. Together we are making a such a difference in our town.


    Jon Crane is a volunteer of King's Food Bank. Jon gives some of his spare time to maintain the website on behalf of the Food Bank.